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Neem leaf capsules

Neem leaves consist of a 20% fiber, 50% carbohydrates, 15% proteins, 5% fat, 8% ash, 2% calcium and contains essential amino acids (Keher and Nagi, 1949), their known amino acid contents and their percentages in the sheet are as follows; alanine 1.2, 3.4 aspargine, aspartic 2.7, 1.4 tryptophan, valine tanrine 7 and 2.9, is also reported in the leaf content of carotene and ascorbic acid (Tirimanna, 1984) , (Bhandari and Murkejii, 1959) Capsules Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica), useful alternative in the treatment of diabetes, active ingredients have demonstrated the ability to reduce insulin requirements by up to 20% and 30%, control sugar levels in the blood, and in some cases are able to eliminate the need for insulin injection, however, is not recommended the replacement of medicines, because the active substance gradually works with regular consumption. Other Uses: Immune system stimulant, regulates stress levels, useful in detoxification and liver and kidney diseases, inflammatory, diseases caused by bacteria and fungi, intestinal parasites, anti-cancer, gastritis, hemorrhoids, heart disease, blood pressure, varices ..

Neem bark capsules

The bark is composed of: 3.43% protein, o.68% of alkaloids and 4.16% minerals. The percentages of total protein amino acids are: Argigine-0125, Aspargine-0375, 0280-aspartic acid, Cysteine​​-0500, 0239-glutamic acid, isolencine metmionine-0125-0.057m, Norlencine-0138, Feninalanina-0088, Apolina-0300, triptophan-0456, other important substances reported were: Nimbin, nimbinin, nimbidin, ninbosterol and the main bitter margosine (Bhandari and Munkenrjii, 1959) (Vashi and Patel, 1988) (Nyak and Patterson, 1978) In some studies made Neem bark extract have been determined in the following medicinal effects: polysaccharides that contain Neem bark extracts have anti-tumor effects (cancer treatment), anti-inflammatory (Van der Nat, et al, 1991) Neem bark contains gallic acid, (+) - Galocatecin (-) Epicatecin (in a 2:1 mixture) (+) and Epigalocatecin Catelin. These phenolic substances in the cortex are considered responsible for their antiinflammatory activity. The neem bark extract inhibits gastric secretion and improves gastroesophageal and gastroduodenal ulcer, ademásse used to treat diseases of the mouth, teeth, loss of appetite, fever, cough and intestinal parasites. Heals wounds, aids in skin diseases and excessive thirst

Liquid cream and leaf extract of neem oil

Cream with leaf extract and neem oil to moisturize util, removes stains, restores the natural elasticity to your skin, prevents wrinkles and protects you from external agents, possesses antibacterial, fungal, useful for small wounds heal, cuts or scrapes.

Shampo neem extract

Shampoo with extracts of neem, useful in the treatment of scalp problems, control dandruff and hair loss

Fluid extract of neem leaf

Made with green leaves of Neem, is recommended for diabetics with glucose levels above 400, as well as for people with insulin-dependent diminishing the dependence of insulin, it can also be used in people undergoing dialysis and people with ulcerative colitis or gastric ulcers. It can be used therapeutically to control influenza, respiratory disorders, constipation, to clean fresh wounds and skin diseases, and is also recommended to improve overall health and as a preventative.

Fluid extract of neem bark

Alcoholic extract of bark of the neem tree, with the same properties as the bark capsules, useful for people who can not swallow capsules, recommended for alternative treatment in people with cancer, people with high blood sugar, in trouble periodontal, antiflamatorias possesses, for the treatment of gastritis, problems in the liver and kidneys.

Neem leaf powder

The neem leaf powder is made ​​from natural leaves of trees Azhadiracta best shows. Neem powder is widely used in products for skin care. The Neem leaf powder has antibacterial, antifungal and helps relieve multiple skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, athlete's foot and dandruff.

The company provides ground neem leaf for industrialization in the manufacture of capsules, shampoo, soaps, creams, ointments, powders, bio-insecticides, etc..